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Crash and Vibrational Analysis of Car Body

K. Lakshmi Chaitanya, K. Srinivas, S. Venkateshwar Rao


This paper describes about the relevance of the crash analysis required for the safety of the automobile during the time of the crash. During the crash of an automobile, some parts in the front of an automobile body will have plastic deformation and absorb a lot of energy. Hence, it is necessary to check the car structure for its crash ability so that safety is achieved together with fuel economy. Crash Simulation is a virtual restoration of a crash test of a destructive car by using simulation software in order to examine the level of safety of the car and its occupants. This project was an effort to analyze the crash worthiness of the vehicle for different materials, which are not only lightweight but also have high energy absorption capacity while undergoing plastic deformation. The main objective of this project is to find fundamental characteristics like frequency, stress, strains for different material and velocity influences in the car body structure. A car body designed by using CREO 2.0 parametric software. It is solved for full frontal impact in ANSYS work bench. Computational simulations and various results are plotted and analyzed.
Cite this ArticleK. Lakshmi Chaitanya, K. Srinivas, S. Venkateshwar Rao. Crash and Vibrational Analysis of Car Body. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(2): 26–35p.


Frontal Crash, FEM, crash ability, CREO, Chassis Designing, ANSYS, operating conditions

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