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Influence of Various Additives on Tensile Strength and Quality of PVC Wire Jacket

Peeyush Kumar, Divya Chauhan


 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most commonly used plastic materials in the world. A number of studies have been done to investigate the various effects of additives in PVCcompounding. This paper primarily reports the effect of the composition of Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW), Di-octyl phthalate (DOP), PVC Resins and Calcium Carbonate on theTensile Strength of PVC wire insulation. DOP is a commonly used plasticizer from the phthalate ester family and has been in use in flexible products since the 1930’s. DOP is in use with the addition of CPW as a secondary plasticizer in many industries in India. This research shows the behavior of the individual component with their interaction with each other for Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS).
Cite this ArticlePeeyush Kumar, Divya Chauhan.Influence of Various Additives onTensile Strength and Quality of PVCWire Jacket. Trends in MechanicalEngineering & Technology. 2017; 7(1):6–12p.


Polyvinyl chloride, PVC compounding, CPW, DOP, UTS

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