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Analysis of Process Parameters Used in Plasma Cutting Machine: A Review

Kamal H. Trivedi, Dipesh D. Kundaliya


In most recent forty years, there has been gigantic research in machining and advancement in innovation. With increment in rivalry in advertise and to accomplish high precision now days, the nonconventional machining has moved toward becoming help of any industry. A standout amongst the most vital non-regular machining techniques is plasma bend machining. Its high precision, completing, capacity of machining any hard material, and to deliver multifaceted shape, increment its request in advertise. In this review paper we presented the work on parametric optimization of plasma arc cutting machine. In request to achieve target and ideal outcomes, Taguchi strategy is utilized as a part of the investigation of this paper. The proper orthogonal cluster has been chosen according to number of elements and the levels to perform least experimentation. The work bits of stainless steel materials were utilized for try reason. The ideal esteem has been resolved with the assistance of principle impact plot and ANOVA table for consider reason. The relapse condition for MRR and surface harshness (Ra) has been produced with the assistance of Minitab 15 Programming which is utilized as a part of paper. Affirmation tests have been done to affirm the esteem assessed through the product..The confirmation for MRR run was done by using the setting of different parameters like gas pressure, current flow rate, cutting speed and arc gap. Results are provided to confirm the effectiveness of this approach. After the confirmation, the MRR value error within 10% was allowed.
Cite this ArticleTrivedi Kamal H, Kundaliya Dipesh D. Analysis of Process Parameters Used in Plasma Cutting Machine: A Review. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(2): 18–21p.


Plasma arc cutting, cutting process parameters

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