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Investigating the Effect of Inoculation on Microstructure of IS: 210 in Casting of Bracket: A Review

Dhaval Pansuriya, Manahar S. Kagathara, G.D. Acharya


The objective of present investigation is to review the effect of the inoculants on the microstructure of grey cast iron. Effects of the inoculants were investigated through metallurgical analysis of the matrix microstructure and the mechanical properties of the castbracket. Effect of silicon carbide and ferro-silicon at different temperature and at different weight percentage on grey cast iron is investigated. The results show that both, the SiC and the conventional inoculant FeSi resulted in improved properties of the molten iron over the original uninoculated molten iron. The inoculants produced smaller graphite particles, reduced tendency to form shrinkage cavities and porosities during the solidification of the molten iron, decreased super cooling degree, reduced formation of non-metal inclusions, and enhanced mechanical properties (of the cast irons).
Cite this ArticleDhaval Pansuriya, Kagathara ManaharS, Acharya GD. Investigating the Effectof Inoculation on Microstructure ofIS:210 in Casting of Bracket: A Review.Trends in Mechanical Engineering &Technology. 2017; 7(1): 47–51p.


Grey cast iron, inoculant, micro structure, FeSi, hardness, tensile

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