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A Review on Unfilling Defect Found in Hot Forged 42CrMo4 Connecting Rod

Lakhan Thakkar, Hardik Chauhan, Manoj Sheladiya


The objective of this paper is to study hot forging process on connecting rod and also find the causes as well as remedies for those defects. This review paper emphasizes on finding thecause and effect of various defects found in connecting rod manufactured by hot forging from 42CrMo4 material. Connecting rod is one of the most important component s in automobile. But, various defects are seen in that component part , especially unfilling, mismatch and surface cracks. So, cause and effect diagram is prepared so as to improve the quality and reduce rejection rate.
Cite this Article. Lakhan Thakkar, Hardik Chauhan,Manoj Sheladiya. A Review on Unfilling Defect Found in Hot Forged 42CrMo4 Connecting Rod. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(1): 26–32p.


Forging, forging defect, unfilling, simulation, DEFORM 3D

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