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Minimizing the Sand Casting Defects Using Taguchi Method

Priyank V. Parekh, J.A. Vadher


The global market is becoming more and more quality conscious now a days. This Research work includes minimization of sand casting defects in C.I. based foundry. The survey was carried in small scale CI based foundry (Surat). Major defects were observed are misrun, coldshut, blowholes, and porosity. Taguchi method is used to optimize the control parameters like moisture, permeability, pouring time, pouring temperature. L18 orthogonal array is used in this research work. Critical parameters are optimized using Signal to noise Ratio (S/N Ratio). 

Cite this Article  Priyank V Parekh, Vadher JA. Minimizing the Sand Casting Defects Using Taguchi Method. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(3): 14–17p


Casting defects, blow holes, porosity, orthogonal array, S/N ratio

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