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Hybridizing Principle of TOPSIS with Regression Metamodel Approach for the Optimization of CNC-WEDM Process Parameters

Sandeep Tyagi, Manoj Kumar Gau, Dinesh Kumar Kasdekar


Experiment is conducted on a Computer Numerical Control wire electric discharge machine under different conditions of process parameters. The experiment is carried out by using Aluminum Alloy AA6061 as a work material and a Brass wire as a cutting tool in CNCWEDM. This paper aims to develop a combination of DOE and Entropy based TOPSIS to solve multi response parameter optimization problems. An experimental investigation was carried out based on DOE to analyses, the sensitivity of CNC-WEDM attributes to the variations in process parameters such as Servo-voltage (SV), Wire-feed(WF), pulse on time(POT), pulse off time (POF). The most desirable factor level combinations were selected using DOE. The model developed in this study can be used as a systematic framework for process parameter optimization in conscious manufacturing process.

Cite this Article Sandeep Tyagi, Manoj Kumar Gaur, Dinesh Kumar Kasdekar. Hybridizing Principle of TOPSIS with Regression Meta-model Approach for the Optimization of CNC-WEDM Process Parameters. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(3): 18–25p. 



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