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An Overview of Crack and Damage Detection Using Various Techniques

Himakshi .


In present time, researchers have given observations on damage detection techniques using different types of methods. Importance in several damage detection techniques has significantly improved over the past two decades and numerous detection techniques created on model study methods have been established. Crack damage detection and condition observing of configurations have developed ever-increasing concerns. Generally best accessible techniques are constructed on visual review or localized valuation processes such as acoustic, ultrasonic and influence echo. The very vital issues of these techniques are that they usually give qualitative vision of the disorder of constructions rather than quantitative information. In some of techniques, the damage location is a priority and the approachability of damage location is mandatory. This study presents a review of various significant researches available in the area of crack and damage detection using different kind of techniques.

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Himakshi. An Overview of Crack and Damage Detection Using Various Techniques. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(2): 43–50p.


Crack detection, damage detection, model analysis, techniques

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