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Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Al356 Metal Matrix Composites

Sneha. H. Dhoria, M. Vijaya, P. Santhi Priya, T. Yamini


Nowadays there is a constant need for the improvement of properties of materials due to their ever increasing demands according to their applications because of those requirements all fields are concentrating on composite materials which are less weight to density ratios having high strength good hardness etc. based on that this paper deals with the fabrication and investigation of mechanical properties of hybrid metal matrix composite (Al 356 MMC) which is fabricated with aluminum alloy and the silicon carbide, graphite as reinforcements with the percentages of 3wt., 6wt., 9wt.% of each by using stir casting process. After solidification, the samples are prepared as per the ASTM standard and tested to find the various mechanical properties like Density, Hardness. The microstructure of the composite is observed using optical microscope. 

Cite this Article Sneha. H. Dhoria, Vijaya M, Santhi Priya P, T Yamini. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Al356 Metal Matrix Composites. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(2): 69–74p. 


Composites, MMC, stir casting, optical microscope

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