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Evaluation of Epoxy Granite as an Alternate Material for Lathe Bed

Tapan Pandya, Ashutosh Kumar


Machine Tool is a machine that gives the desired shape to the work with required accuracy of removing metal from the work in the form of chip. Beds, columns, bases, head stock are known as ‘structure’ in a machine tool. The Lathe Bed should be sufficiently rigid to prevent deflection under tremendous cutting pressure transmitted through the tool-post and carriage to the Lathe Bed. It must be massive with sufficient depth and width to absorb vibration. The ideal material must have high stiffness, good damping capacity, good cast ability, low thermal deformation. Various materials such as; concrete, acralic concrete, wrought steel, Epoxy Granite composite and ceramic resin concrete views as alternate material of cast iron. The main objective of my research work is to decrease the Manufacturing Lead Time of Lathe Bed and reduce Manufacturing Cost with the use of Alternate Material for Lathe Bed. With use of Epoxy Granite as alternate material for Lathe Bed, it decreases Manufacturing Lead Time of Lathe Bed from 7 days to 3 days. So it reduces the Manufacturing Lead Time by 52.14%. It also reduces the Manufacturing cost of existing Lathe Bed from 2937 to 2615 Rs. So it reduces Manufacturing Cost by 10.97 %. Wear rate of the Epoxy Granite is also less than Cast Iron. Epoxy Granite is also unaffected by Environment and Thermal effect.

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Tapan Pandya, Ashutosh Kumar. Evaluation of Epoxy Granite as an Alternate Material for Lathe Bed. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(2): 59–68p.


Machine tool, lathe machine, granite, resin, epoxy granite

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