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Ecofriendly Foundry Sand Binders: A Review

Shailee G. Acharya, Jeetendra A. Vadher


The casting process is the most versatile manufacturing process. It involves pouring of metal into a mould, thus the mold material and molding method must be selected with care. Resin bonded sand casting is a high demanding technology due to its good surface finish, dimensional stability and shakeout characteristics. This paper reviews the different types of binders used in casting process to produce moulds. The Foundry industry has found itself under intense competitive pressure from a long period. The Foundry binders can improve productivity by minimizing manufacturing process time. Good quality and on time delivery are expected as a matter of course. The need to develop more and more ecofriendly binders is discussed in this paper. The binders should produce excellent strength properties and minimum emission. This paper also deals with the suitability of binders for different scale of production i.e., small, medium and large.

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Shailee Ghanshyambhai Acharya,

Jeetendra A. Vadher. Ecofriendly

Foundry Sand Binders - A Review.

Trends in Mechanical Engineering &

Technology. 2016; 6(2): 51–58p.


Binder, eco-friendly, emissions, resin bonded, shakeout

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