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Morphological Analysis of Nitride Coated Steel for Industrial Application

Pina Bhatt, H N Shah


Hard coatings prepared by several methods and with different parameters represent variety of microstructures in the form of surface morphology, phase composition and grain size. Large quantity of micro or nano material as it has larger atoms as well as surface molecules, increase surface area. With increase in surface area ultimately it improves mechanical and physical properties for structural as well as nonstructural application. Nitride coated hard coating materials have wide applications for wear and corrosion resistance. Surface roughness plays a significant role in determining and evaluating the surface quality of a product. This work represents the morphological analysis of TiAlN and TiCrN coating on austenitic steel (SA304) material which is used for various industrial applications.


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Pina Bhatt, Shah HN. Morphological analysis of Nitride coated steel for industrial application. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(1): 18–22p.


RF-DC sputtering, grain size, atomic force microscope

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