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Modeling of Rubber Bush Mould by using DME Standard

H H Makwana, M S Kagathara, A V Vaishnav


With increasingly short life span of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, and bags; they are becoming more fashionable and requires continuous improvement. Injection molding remains the most popular method for producing the associated plastic parts in minimum time. In injection process, a molten polymer is injected into a cavity inside a mold with the help of injection machine which is cooled and the part gets ejected. There are several phases in an injection molding process that involves filling, cooling and ejection. The cost-efficiency of the process is dependent on the time spent in the molding cycle. There are various stages out of which die design is the most time consuming stage; here modified die with the help of existing data can reduce various defects such as shrinkage, sink marks, etc

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Makwana HH, Kagathara MS, Vaishnav AV. Modeling of rubber bush mould by using DME standard. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(1): 1–7p.


injection molding, die design, warpage, sink marks

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