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Fuzzy Modeling to Specify Various Machining Parameters in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) of INCONEL625 Using Copper Electrode

P M Radia, M S Kagathara, H G Acharya


Condition monitoring of the machining process is very important in today’s precision manufacturing, especially in the electrical discharge machining (EDM). This paper shows a fuzzy-based algorithm for prediction of material removal rate (MRR) and tool wear ratio (TWR) in the electrical discharge machining (EDM) processes. In this system peak current (Ip), voltage (V) and duty cycle (D) are the input parameters and output parameters are MRR and TWR. The proposed fuzzy model in this study provides a more precise and easy selection of EDM input parameters, respectively for the required MRR and TWR which leads to better machining conditions and decreases the machining costs. The fuzzy modeling of EDM was able to predict the experimental results with very high accuracies.

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Radia PM, Kagathara MS, Acharya HG. Fuzzy modeling to specify various machining parameters in electrical discharge machining (EDM) of INCONEL625 using Copper Electrode. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(1): 35–42p.


Fuzzy modeling, EDM, MRR, TWR

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