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Numerical Study of Lid Driven Cavity at Different Reynolds Number

Siddhartha Kosti, Vaibhav S Rathore


The present work focuses on flow inside a lid-driven cavity; main aim is to obtain the velocity field in steady state condition using Navier-Stoke equations. Navier-stoke equation has been converted into algebraic form using finite difference method (FDM). Pertinent parameter of the present study is Reynolds number. Stream-vorticity approach has been adopted to solve the physical problem. Different Reynold numbers and grid sizes have been studied. Peaks of the velocity profiles are increasing with increment in Reynold numbers. Counter rolling rolls has been found for vertical velocity contours.

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Siddhartha Kosti, Vaibhav S. Rathore . Numerical Study of Lid Driven Cavity at Different Reynolds Number. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2015; 5(3): 42–46p.


Navier-stoke equations, cavity, grid, reynold numbers, counter

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