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Design, Description and Analysis of Innovative Leveraged Propelled Disabled Utility Chair

Anil Singh Tomar, Singh PS, Saxexna C, Malvi CS


This paper aims at introducing an innovative “Disabled Utility Chair” (DUC). Traditional wheelchair/tricycle for disabled prove not to be that much comfortable and efficient or dynamically efficient, which must be of prime concern in this regard. Team surveyed various rehabilitation center and asked basic problem by the user basic features such as turning radius, space for goods, comfort conditions for long sitting remain absent. In India, varying torque, speed and gradiability is also required for both easy accessibility and safety of driving person on road. Also for the domestic purposes, small turning radius, enough space for holdings and carrying goods and essentially ergonomically stable and standardized design is required for continuous and long sitting. In this innovative design of leveraged propelled disabled utility chair, steering is controlled by its brakes installed on the levers itself. These levers offer dual advantage of propelling the DUC at different torque at different speeds and improved gradiability. The sophisticated dimensions of disabled utility chair (DUC) and absence of any eccentricity and unrequired space or gap results in great reduction in turning radius. Innovative steering mechanism reduces the turning radius up to 0.94 m which is far less than other wheelchairs. DUC serves both medical as well as regular purposes. The topple angle for the chair is 12ï‚° which makes it suitable to drive on high slope as well. The shoe brakes independently on each wheel are provided so that on applying brake any one of the wheel DUC will start turning in the direction of the wheel which has been braked by the user. Although, the general purpose of brakes will accomplished by applying brakes simultaneously. Some experiments are also performed on frames and combined results of them providing an unique solution which has less complicacy to facilitate fabrication at lower price range; for this OEM parts are considered in fabrication. The newly developed frame has virtuous ergonomics which enables user for long sitting hours. It also consists of portable platform on which user can work in desired conditions. Further, the modification will enable DUC for night use by providing a light source, lighter materials for reduction of weight and improvement of frame to make it more compact.

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Tomar SA, Singh PS, Saxexna C et al. Design, Description and Analysis of Innovative Leveraged Propelled Disabled Utility Chair.Trends in Mechanical Engineering and Technology. 2015; 5(3): 15–25p.


Disabled Utility Chair (DUC), original equipment manufacturer (OEM),lever, turning radius, ergonomics, wheelchair

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