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Solar Humidity Control Unit with Hot Water Generation

Swadesh Pratap Singh, Anil Singh Tomar, Sachindra Singh, C S Malvi


Our country lying in tropical region predominantly has high humidity in air in nearly three fourth span of a year. For maintaining indoor comfort conditions in these conditions become expensive. This paper presents the design of all in one solar powered humidity control unit which will also provide hot water in the building. The configuration consists of indoor and outdoor units provided with evaporative coolers and desiccant units. The outdoor unit is coupled with solar unit comprising of water reservoir and a circulating pump for circulation of hot water in outdoor unit. In theoretical analysis comparison of various desiccants is done for performance measures in weak and concentrated solutions which play an important role in determining efficiency of the cycle. In dehumidification and humidification regeneration temperature of desiccant is dependent on working concentration gradient of desiccant. It will also provide heated water up to 70OC can be used for household processes as the required supply to outdoor unit will be fulfilled water will be diverted in another tank. It is compact equipment which serve for both purposes i.e., humidification and dehumidification and does not produce any kind of toxic substance hence it can become part of green buildings in order to provide room air conditioning. As this equipment is solar powered it consumes less power and will also provide hot water for household purposes.

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Swadesh Pratap Singh, Anil Singh Tomar, Sachindra Singh et al. Solar humidity control unit with hot water generation. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2016; 6(1): 8–13p.


Dehumidification, humidification, desiccant, working concentration, regeneration temperature

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