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Evaluation of Test Performed on Suspension by the Use of ZnO as Blending Agent for Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics

Akhil Dineshbhai Chhaniyara, Meet Kansara


This paper entails about the analogy performed on the rear unit-spring loaded hydraulic damper. The focus is laid upon the measurement of mechanical properties when the suspension unit is preloaded. Dynamic load test rig is employed for the accurate and precise measurement of values generated during the test. The suspension unit is preloaded with some initial velocity and the corresponding values are being generated. ZnO as a blending agent along with the damping fluid will help to improve the shock absorbing capacity. The mechanical parameters for the characterization considered are velocity, acceleration and force values with respect to peak and average values. For these corresponding values the graphs are generated respectively with the help of Pro-Damp software. For the successful interpretation of all the values and graphs, suspension unit of Honda Bike is taken into consideration.

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Akhil Chhaniyara, Meet Kansara. Evaluation of Test Performed on Suspension by the use of ZnO as blending agent for measurement of mechanical characteristics. Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2015; 5(3): 33–37p.


ZnO, blending agent, dynamic load test rig, suspension unit, mechanical properties.

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