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Design and Development of Bus Body Structure: A Critical Review

Sanjay Ramchandra Kumbhar, S. R. Kumbhar, Vivek Dafale


The aim of this review is to organize and evaluate literature about bus body design and analysis. Designed bus body and assembled it with chassis. Assembly of bus body structure and chassis is critical because two separate units of bus are firmly joined together with fix joints, another issue while assembling is that the bus body structure and components should sustain loads considering varying load conditions with enough strength. There is need to check load carrying capacity as well as strength by using analysis tool. That analysis is called structural analysis. This structural analysis consists of obtaining the effect of actions on all or part of the structure in order to check the ultimate limit states. Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components.

Keywords: Bus body design, load carrying capacity, structural analysis


Bus body design, load carrying capacity, structural analysis

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