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Free Vibration Analysis of A Symmetric and Anti-symmetric Laminated Composite Plate by using FEM

Pushpendra Kumar Kushwaha, Jyoti Vimal


In this paper free vibration analysis of symmetric and anti-symmetric laminated composite plate having different boundary conditions are analyzed. Boundary conditions are chosen as simply support and fully clamped. The effects of various parameters such as material properties, thickness ratio, aspect ratio, number of layers, and boundary conditions upon the natural frequencies are studied. The proposed model has been developed based on the finite element steps as in ANSYS and solved using the APDL coding. The model has been discretised using an appropriate eight noded isoparametric element (SHELL281) from the ANSYS element library. In order to prove the result of the present model, convergence studies are presented. After analysis found that the non-dimensional fundamental frequency for symmetric arrangement is less than for anti-symmetric arrangement as a number of layers and aspect ratio changed. And the result shows that non dimensional Frequency decreases as number of layer increases in different boundary conditions. But symmetric arrangement is greater than from anti-symmetric arrangement.

Keywords: Free vibration, symmetric and anti-symmetric, laminate composite plate


Free vibration, symmetric and anti-symmetric, laminate composite plate

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