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Stress Analysis of Pressurized Thick Truncated Conical Shells with varying Modulus of Elasticity as Power Function

P. Aravinda Sai Murthy, N. D. Mittal


Finite element method is applied using Ansys 14.0 Mechanical APDL for axisymmetric thick walled truncated cone made of Functionally Graded Material (FGM). The cone has finite length, and is subjected to axisymmetric hydrostatic internal pressure. The material is assumed to be isotropic with constant poisson's ratio and radially continuously varying elastic modulus along the thickness with a power function. Using this method the truncated cone under generalized clamped-clamped conditions has been solved and the homogeneity on the stress and displacement has been investigated. FGM's with increasing as well as decreasing values of Young's modulus are considered and their results are compared. Results show that the distribution of stresses near the small and large bases of the cone are quite different compared to the remaining portion.

Keywords: Thick truncated cone, FGMs, ansys, stresses, displacements


Thick truncated cone, FGMs, ansys, stresses, displacements

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