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Operational Modelling and Analytical Analysis of Connecting Rod Using the Computer Aided Design

Dinesh Kumar


The main objective of this study was to explore weight reduction opportunities for a production forged steel connecting rod. This has entailed performing a detailed load analysis. Therefore, this study has dealt with two subjects, first, static load stress analysis of the connecting rod, and second, optimization for weight. In this project, finite element analysis of single cylinder four stroke petrol engine is taken as a case study. Structural systems of connecting rod can be easily analyzed using Finite Element techniques. So firstly a proper Finite Element Model (FEM) is developed using Cad software Pro/E Wildfire 3.0. Then the Finite element analysis is done to determine the Von Mises stresses in the existing connecting rod for the given loading conditions using Finite Element Analysis software ANSYS WORKBENCH 9.0. In the first part of the study, the static loads acting on the connecting rod is determined, after that the work is carried out for safe design. Based on the observations of the static Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and the load analysis results, the load for the optimization study was selected. The results were also used to determine degree of stress multiaxiality, and the fatigue model to be used for analyzing the fatigue strength. Outputs include fatigue life, damage, factor of safety, stress biaxiality, and fatigue sensitivity. The component was optimized for weight subject to fatigue life and space constraints and manufacturability. Finally, an attempt has been made to optimize the existing connecting rod of four stroke single cylinder petrol engine using analytical method. The suitability of the material has been checked and the possible weight that can be reduced without affecting the parameter and performance of existing connecting rod is observed.

Keywords: Connecting rod, modeling, analysis, finite element analysis, optimization


Connecting rod, modeling, analysis, finite element analysis, optimization

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