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An Algorithm to Test Feasibility Predicate for Robotic Assemblies

M. V. A. Raju Bahubalendruni, B. B. Biswal


Selection of a feasible assembly sequence is an essential element to achieve cost effective manufacturing process. Test for feasibility predicate is a key segment in assembly sequence planning, which is generally carried by a skilled industrial engineer. The feasibility predicate test is involved in checking possibility of disassembling a component from the assembled product through a collision free path. To attain economic assembly process, the feasibility predicate test must also results the optimal disassembly direction. In the current paper a novel method called “modified bounding box method” to obtain the optimal feasible directions for a component is illustrated with examples. An algorithm to integrate the methodology with 3D CAD environment to automate the process is also well described.



Keywords: Modified bounding box method, robotic assemblies, feasibility testing


Feasibility predicate

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