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Linear Static and Fatigue Analysis of Nose Landing Gear for Trainer Aircraft

Ashwin C Gowda, Novid Basha S.


The main objective of this paper is to present prototype of aircraft landing gear using CATIA V5 software to study the behavior of landing gear as per actual working condition and to perform structural analysis to study the landing gear behavior for cyclic loading (fatigue loading). Determining the loading modes in the nose landing gear is subjected to static load and cyclic loads which should be taken into account in the evaluation of the strength and fatigue life. Initially, the components were modeled with CATIA V5 and imported to MSC Patran. MSC Nastran is used as a solver. From the obtained limit stresses, fatigue analysis was carried out to find fatigue life of the nose landing gear with different fatigue load spectra.
Keywords: Nose landing gear, linear static, fatigue, MSC Patran, nastran


Nose landing gear, linear static, fatigue, MSC Patran and Nastran.

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