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Additives and EGR Process for the Exhaust Gases in Compression Ignition Engine

Binyamin Christian, A R Patel


Exhaust gases is the most prompt topic in current situation. Exhaust gases badly affect the environment, human and other living organism so, controlling of exhaust gases is very essential. Today automobile vehicles particularly diesel engine vehicles emit more exhaust gases, so for the controlling of exhaust gases we can use additives in fuel and EGR process together. When the additives are mixed with fuel, a cylinder pressure decreases and ignition delay and combustion duration becomes shorter and emission of smoke, HC and CO is reduced. However, the NOx emission has little effect, so for the NOx reduction we can use EGR process in which we can induce some percentage of exhaust gases in cylinder and can keep the cylinder temperature low. This can help to reduce the NOx reduction because as the cylinder temperature goes lower, the NOx emission is lower and by the combination like additives and EGR process, we can reduce the exhaust gases.

Keywords: Additives, EGR, emissions, combustion, diesel engine


Additives; EGR; Emissions; Combustion; Diesel engine

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