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Reengineering Engineering Education Through Total Quality Methodology

Priyavrat Thareja


This work attempts to build a case for the combo application of reengineering and TQM, for improving quality of the students (as a product). The holistic development of higher-order skills in them is investigated applying the concepts/tools. Addressing deficiencies of engineering education is a symptomatically pursued common minimum and continual program in which the imperative of job placement is most impressed upon. However, this is unmatched as per employers’ needs, while total wrath falls back on the educational process. Seeking the modus operandi to address most ills, this paper brings out the need for metamorphosis of the students as a conceptual objective of reengineering rather than the lower-order skills. Thus, the use of Thareja’s AUM model, and finally its implementation for reengineering a total quality improvement in education is proposed. Its use is exemplified through a case study.




Thareja’s AUM model: alignment, utilisation and metamorphosis, bunking of class/masscuts, employability of engineering graduates, discontent

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