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Sustaining Competitiveness Though Innovation

Priyavrat Thareja


This paper is a prognosis of author’s experiencing of the foundry technology within an innovative construct. Personally being enthusiastic about sustainability and environment, and involved in abinitio remediation, the author has extensively combined technology with Quality and innovation for compettitude.  With profound knowledge it becomes Qualte-k-nology, a Paradigm which focuses on –k- (i.e., profound knowledge) with Qualtech (quality technology).To support the strength of the profound knowledge three case studies have been presented. The research areas involve use of re-engineering, development of new equipment/system based conceptual re-engineering of molding, and development of new, unique process for Lean product improvement. The successes are again unique and make significant impact on founding practice. 


quality environmental and business sustainability, competence, attitude, case studies, foundry

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