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Process Control Model of a Simple Water Treatment Plant

Ani Vincent Anayochukwu


In everyday life we encounter many interesting but complex processes, and we want to be able to describe these processes in an understandable way. This paper presents a mathematical model for studying the process behavior of a water treatment plant. A state equation was developed as a mathematical model of the process. This mathematical model was used to simulate the effects of varying the parameters of the plant (R, C, and I) representing the restriction of the connecting pipes, the capacity of the tanks and the filtration of the water filter, respectively, on the state variable (height of tank, h, and flowrate, q). The results of the simulation are presented graphically in the study. From the Analysis, it was observed that varying any of the values of the parameters of the model has an effect on the water levels in the various tanks and the flow of water through the filter. The analysis of this paper on modeling a water treatment plant is a very simple way of knowing from the beginning the various sizes of pipes, tanks and filter to be used and how these will affect the flow of water in the plant before going into the physical construction of the plant.




water, state equation, process control, modeling, simulation, filtration

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