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Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Model of Ball Bearing with Effect of Internal Radial Clearance

Amit R. Bhende, G. K. Awari, Dr. S. P. Untawale


It is a critical process to determine the response of rolling element bearing vibration using dynamic behavior analysis. Rolling element bearing works on the principal of transmission of load from moving race to stationary race. Generally outer race is fixed and load transmission takes place from inner race to outer race.  In rolling bearing analytical formulation, the contact between rolling element and raceways is considered as nonlinear springs and their stiffness are obtained by using Hertzian elastic contact deformation theory. The implicit type numerical integration technique is used to solve the nonlinear differential equations iteratively. This paper presents the effect of internal radial clearance on rolling element bearing vibrations. Out of four fundamental bearing frequencies, ball passage frequency is predominant to show the effect of vibration. Ball passage frequencies are found to be reduced considerably, if the bearing internal radial clearance is selected as per the recommended value. 


nonlinear dynamics, rolling bearing, ball passage frequency, internal radial clearance

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