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Modal Analysis of Engine-mounting Bracket Using FEA for Circular Cross Section

Sahil Naghate, Sandeep Patil


The engine mounting plays an important role in reducing the noise, vibrations and harshness for improving vehicle ride comfort. The first and the foremost function of an engine mounting bracket is to properly balance (mount ) the power pack (engine and transmission) on the vehicle chassis for good motion control as well as good isolation. The present work deals with finite element method (FEA) analysis of an engine mounting bracket. It includes the modeling of the engine mounting brackets by changing the material of component. Materials selected are aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. The analysis includes static and modal analysis of engine mounting bracket using circular cross section. The study shows that this bracket will have a dramatic weight reduction as compared to standard aluminum alloy material and withstand high stress. 


Engine, mounting, FEA, modal analysis

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