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Tensile Behavior of Aluminum–Cenosphere Metal Matrix Composite by Stir-Casting Route

Saravanan Varatharaju, A. Shanmugasundaram, Dr. P. R. Thyla



The invention of new materials widens the scope for usage in contemporary material science and their development; the properties of metal matrix composites (MMCs) can be modified to suit the application. The present investigation focuses on dispersing the cenosphere particles into aluminum alloy (AA6063) to produce the composite. The major constituents in cenosphere are refractory oxides like silica, alumina and iron oxide. The manufacturing method adopted for producing this MMC was stir-casting method and the setup for this was fabricated. The proper mixing of particles was ensured with the help of chemical analysis and scanning electron microscopy. The important mechanical property, tensile strength, was evaluated for various percentages of cenospheres.

 Keywords: Aluminum, cenospheres, fly ash, stir-casting, MMC



Aluminum, cenospheres, fly ash, stir-casting, MMC

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