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Competitive Foundry Through Integration of TIPS (Technology, Innovation, Product Design, and Process Systems)

Priyavrat Thareja


Development of a sound product, which satisfies given criteria with least pain, is a common challenge, most unusually, haunting the foundryman. The domain of competition is quite large because Foundries compete at inter-manufacturing and intra-firm levels, producing near perfect shapes. The customer desires a component which promises functions most reliably, while addressing socio-techno-environmental attributes. This work is designed to bring out the issues challenging foundrymen and the ways one can react to render a programme to meet them. There are various options that revolve around TIPS (Technology, Innovation, Product Design, and Process Systems) that can be contemplated to take up specific issues and challenges in Founding in an inter-manufacturing scenario. How the various producers react to address the issue will form the subject of next industry review, which usually addresses technology evaluation. The article concludes that frequent innovations in foundry practice should be brought about at close intervals so as to sustain continual manufacturing competence.

Keywords: Technology, innovation, product design and process systems


Technology, innovation, product design and process systems

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