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Developing Educational Excellence through TQM & QFD

Amrinder Singh Chahal


Education is a very meticulous job. One needs to judiciously align the student to the path of harmony. The competitiveness in every sector of modern era pushes the educationist to think even more concisely. The axiom of being better is of no importance until is considered as a universal phenomenon of education. There is a need of redefining the education system beyond the traditional definitions. The education should be applicant for creating the sustainable systems which can endeavor human needs. The path directed can be achieved only with the marriage of quality approaches with the technical know-how approach of education. When the students are nurtured using such modern hybrid facilities the result leads the society to the even more developed state. The present paper investigates such approach and exertion is made to develop an educational model.


Keywords: Education, excellence, quality, QFD

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