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An Environment: Wide or Wise?

Prof. Priyavrat Thareja, Er Mannu Thareja


Thanks to the current technological revolution, our quality of life (and/ or of the global society) has been continually improving. In fact, this formed an important metric of comparison/weighting the quality of services provided by any nation/government. As a consequence, there was an overzealous exploitation of resources, downgrading the quality of environment. This work is a conceptual consideration of the balance of quality of life versus the quality of environment. It argues a holistic maximization of the combined quality of life with the quality of environment as a discrete ‘1.’ Any partial effect might reduce one of them to zero. The response may thermodynamically satisfy, but be zero on eco front, as 1 + (−1) = 0. This paper works on exemplars of air conditioner, and/or smoking to emphasize upon the depth of menace and bad people’s attitude


Quality of life /environment, smoking ban in Chandigarh, A/C rooms

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