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Distancing Hazards on the Road, Statistically

P. Thareja, B. S. Brar



Road accidents contribute 36.2% to all unnatural accidental deaths in India. Despite the fact that India supports the largest road network in the world with an estimate of over 2.5 million kilometers of roads, roads are still termed as one of the infrastructural bottlenecks to a country on the move. Whether it is because of lack of quantity or quality, the consequences are culminated in the very contribution they make to lives lost and people incapacitated. It adds to a big trauma load on the hospitals and loss of productive man-days dedicated to development. The call is to systemically and educatively address this menace. The present work attempts to associate the underlying error estimations to collisions on roads with theoretical understanding of probability distribution phenomenon in statistics. With the larger objective to explain the threats of not keeping a safe distance for the less conscientious drivers, this should caution them, so as to minimize the eventualities. To reduce the probability of an accident on the highway, one should follow the safety rules with a good margin for escape. This paper can be an effective tool in inculcating safe driving habits in formal education since they would further their journey on road, operating prime movers in many conspicuous roles. 



Road accidents, probability, safety, driving education

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