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A Simplified Indirect Control Scheme for Shunt-active Power Filters

Anbarasan Murugan, Rashmiranjan Das


This paper presents a simplified indirect control scheme for shunt-active power filters for compensating harmonic currents and improving power factor. The control is based on the simple method for generation of the reference compensating current. The reference compensating current is obtained by subtracting load current from reference source current. PI controller is used to adjust the amplitude of the reference source current that regulates the DC capacitor voltage. Hysteresis band current controller is used to control the shunt-active power filter output current with less switching ripples. The effectiveness of the proposed control scheme for the single-phase and three-phase shunt-active power filters is analyzed through simulations using Matlab/Simulink software.


Active power filter, harmonic currents, reference source current, hysteresis band current controller

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