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A New Approach for Optimal Rating and Location of Substations

Daljit Singh, Yog Raj Sood


This paper is based upon the software developed using genetic algorithm for optimal location of Sub-station regarding its place and size. Developed method is applied on practical network and the results obtained. In this paper an attempt has been made to solve the problem of the distribution network and developing an appropriate plan to trace the optimal location for placing new substation. A GA program has been developed and implemented on NIT Hamirpur by using a MATLAB program. The magnitude and the coordinates of the various load points, the coordinate’s ratings of the various existing and candidates, and other parameters such as cost, iron loss, copper loss utilization factor etc. have been taken as the input for the program. Then genetic algorithm is used for optimization of the cost function considering all the reliability constraints.


genetic algorithm, optimal location, distribution network, optimization

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