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Improvement of Indirect Vector Control Induction Motor Drive Performance under Low Speed Operation using Five-Level Inverter

CH.V. Seshagiri Rao, P.S.R. Murthy, G Durgasukumar


The dynamic performance of vector controlled induction motor drive is poor and peak motor torque decreases under low speed operation. This reduction in torque is due to the non-linearity of voltage to frequency (Hz) during low frequency operation. The non-linearity is caused by stator voltage drop which in turn requires a larger percentage of overall terminal voltage. To overcome these problems multilevel inverter fed induction motor drive is presented in this paper. For two-level and five-level inverter control SVM method is employed. A simplified space vector modulation technique is implemented for five-level inverter in order to reduce the computational difficulties. In this, the space vector diagram of the multilevel inverter is decomposed into six space vector diagrams of two-level inverters. The torque ripple and dynamic performance of induction motor drive are compared under different operating conditions with low speed operation.


Two-level inverter, Five-level inverter, Space vector modulation (SVM), Indirect vector control, Low speed, Induction motor drive.

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