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Power Supply Design Issues for Personnel Computers Application: A Review

Sanjeev Jain


A power supply should meet various requirements for proper functioning of a PC. Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) causes catastrophic failures resulting in malfunctioning of PC's. It is therefore essential to meet the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements in addition to other design considerations demanded in a high technology system. The computer is operating and transmitting the signal with low voltage, so it is sensitive to Electromagnetic interference of leakage. Since the PC power supply is a high density, high power and high frequency module the EMC of PC's gain more and more importance. The method of finding computer EM leakage interference resource is to look for the location of the path and loops of the high frequency instantaneous current and voltage. For example, the clock generator, high speed logic circuit, switch power source, inductive thunder lighting and high frequency EM waves electric net line, the machine which control the motor (air-condition, printer, disk driver), transmission line, monitor and so on. The EM information leakage is different from the EM interference.


Power supply, EMI, EMC, radiation, grounding and shielding

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