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Performance Analysis of Image Mosaicing Technique: A SIFT based Approach

Pratik S. Kadecha, Prof. A.M. Kothari


Many a times there arises situations where we would like to capture panoramic image in a single click. But the digital camera that common man uses has limited field of view. Therefore, we cannot capture image in a single click. If we try to capture that image anyhow, then that image may result in a poor resolution. In such conditions, it would never be possible to get a single image. The only solution to this problem is to capture image in such a way that each image contains some overlapping regions. Then using some algorithm, we should be able to find out overlapping regions between the images and merge them in such a way that no one would be able to identify that some processing has been done on these images. This process is called as image mosaicing. In this paper, SIFT based image mosaicing has been shown.


image mosaicing, SIFT, image mosaicing

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