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Pulse Oximeter using PSoC

Sanjeetha Sara John, Anantha Christhu Raj


A pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen saturation in blood as well as heart rate was developed using PSoC. The method proposed here is to transmit light of two different wavelengths through the finger and tissues and to measure the change in absorption intensities. The signals are obtained as photoplethysmograph (PPG) waveforms. The pulse oximeter finds the variations in both the waveforms and calculates the SpO2 and heart rate of an individual. The system developed has a wide clinical application and can be used for patient monitoring and for doing vascular assessment.  It also helps us to explore the use of SOC in medical care devices. An adult SpO2 finger probe nellcor DS100A sensor was used for this project. 


SpO2, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, PPG, PSoC.

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