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Instrument for Identification of Inter-phase between Two Liquids (Organic and In-organic) in Extraction Process Using Conductivity

P. Kalpana mitra, Bikram Roy, S.K. Satpati, Dr. S.B. Roy


This paper is for design and development of a concept for an instrument for identification of phase separation between two liquids (i.e. organic and inorganic) in a single vessel. The instrument finds its applications in various industries like oil, nuclear etc. The process dynamics are maintained such that the ratio between the organic and the inorganic liquids always remains the same. Any deviation would indicate a change in the dynamics and would require immediate attention. This important process parameter does not have a specific instrument designed to remotely observe it. The instrument designed works on the principle of the conductivity difference between organic and inorganic liquids. The novelty of the system is in providing a low cost solution with simple sensor design and in providing a digital indication of the percentage of liquids in the vessel after phase separation. This system is of extreme use in a remotely handled automated plant for its ease of operation and maintenance.


Keywords: Inter-phase, phase separation, electrical conductivity, instrument


Inter-phase, phase separation, electrical conductivity, instrument

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