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Automatic Toll Collection System

Akash Shendage, Rohit Patil, Aniket Parit, Anantmati Hatgine, Payal Bohara, G.A. Chougule


This paper presents the automatic toll collection system. This is Arduino based automatic system using infrared sensors. Automatic toll collection system’s purpose is to collect toll from the vehicles without making the vehicle stop at a toll booth. In this system, the user only has to get the transmitter from the main toll office. The transmitter will be charged by the operator of the booth office and the data will be stored in the micro controller. The user will then mount this transmitter on its car. On pressing a button, the data transfer will take place. It will be get sensed by the IR. As the receiver mounts at the toll plaza, the amount will get deducted automatically according to the toll charged and the remaining amount will be displayed. DC motor is used to open and close the gate. The concept proposed is of automatic toll tax payment system and the amount transaction information sent to the cell phone of the motorists through the GSM modem technology. The gate will get opened for the user, and for others, it will remain close. In this paper, we also include manual tax collection system. In that, we use two barrier gates. When the car passes the sensor sense the gate is opened. The toll amount is collected manually; then the authorized person presses the button and gate is opened. In this way, manual as well as automatic toll collection is included in this paper. The major advantage is that users are able to drive through the toll plaza at highway speeds without having to slow down to pay the toll.



Keywords: Arduino, GSM module, RF module, IR sensor, motor driver

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Akash Shendage, Rohit Patil, Aniket Parit, et al. Automatic Toll Collection System. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2017; 8(1): 35–38p.

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