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Real-time Monitoring of Alternator Using LabVIEW

Atul Goyal, Sanamdeep Singh, Shilpi Kumari


This paper mainly focuses on safety of students while performing lab experiments on machines like alternator, DC motor, Induction generator and synchronous machines etc. The problem arises in 3 phase alternator, where  a student unintensionly touches the shaft part of the appratus. This may cause serious injury to student. To avoid this, some preventive  mesaure should be taken . A software based pereventive measure is suggested in later part of this paper. Another problem faced by students in perfoming lab experiment is the use of rheostate to control the speed of alternator.  Students can get electric shok  accidently by touching its wire. To avoid this situation, software controlled panel is used.


Keywords: LabVIEW, myRIO, alternator, rheostat

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Atul Goyal, Sanamdeep Singh, Shilpi Kumari. Real-time Monitoring of Alternator Using LabVIEW. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2017; 8(1): 30–34p.

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