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Performance Comparison of IRT Method with NNMPC Method

S. A. Misal


The continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) system was used for experimentation and theimproved relay tuning (IRT) method was applied for design of optimum PID settings. The closed loop response was obtained using these optimum PID settings and compared with that of neural network model predictive control (NNMPC) method. The integral absolute error (IAE) criterion for the performance evaluation was used and it was found that the integral error has been decreased by IRT method as compared to that of NNMPC control method. Hence, the IRT method gives improved performance for CSTR system.

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Misal SA. Performance Comparison of

IRT Method with NNMPC Method.

Journal of Control & Instrumentation.


2016; 7(2): 1–4p.


IRT, NNMPC, CSTR, Simulink, control, IAE

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