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Adaptive Generalized Predictive Control of Anti Lock Braking System

M Hasan Khansari, Mahdi Yaghoobi


Anti lock braking system (ABS) is one of the most important topics in the field of car stability control system design. Among the various control strategies which are common in designing control systems, model predictive control (MPC) received great attention in industries. Independent generalized predictive control (IMGPC) is a new and effective predictive control strategy than can be easily implement on linear system. In this paper a novel adaptive control strategy is introduced to enhance the control performance of IMGPC. The ABS control system is used as test bed to demonstrate the ability of introduced strategy. The proposed control system design contains three IMGPC controller which leads to better adaptation in tracking control commands. The effectiveness of the introduced method is demonstrated via numerical simulation. The numerical simulations confirm that the proposed system can increase the control ability of IMGPC controller in wheel slip controlling.


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Hasan Khansari, Mahdi Yaghoobi. Adaptive Generalized Predictive Control of Anti Lock Braking System. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2015. 5(3): 1–12p.


Anti lock braking system, generalized predictive control, ABS, adaptive control, linearized model

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