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Multisensor Data Fusion based Intelligent Temperature Measurement Technique

Santhosh K.V., Rachana Priyadarshini, Saloni .


Design and validation of a temperature measurement technique using fusion of temperature sensor like resistance temperature detector (RTD), and thermistor is proposed in this work. The objective of proposed work is to design a technique using fuzzy logic algorithms to fuse two different sensors having dissimilar characteristics. A fuzzy logic system is trained to produce an output for a temperature measurement system which is (a) more linear input-output characteristics as compared to thermistor, (b) characteristics like offset and saturation present in output of RTD is reduced, and (c) detection and identification of fault if any in sensor with diagnostics. The proposed multi sensor system once trained is validated by applying it in real life application. Results produced by proposed system shows successful implementation of an intelligent temperature system.


Keywords: Temperature, fault detection, MSDF, fuzzy, LabVIEW


Temperature; Fault detection; MSDF; Fuzzy; LabVIEW

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