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Application of Virtual Instruments in Data Monitoring & Logging

Hardik R. Patel


Data Acquisition is the process of real world physical conditions and conversion of the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer.This system is used to measure various parameters in the industry such as pressure,temperature of plant, control room temperature, combustible gas level,humdity,weight of the product, etc. This paper shows a cost effective way to design and develop LabView based Data Acquisition System. Here, 8051 microcontroller is used as an intermediate controller to scan each channel & send data to LabView via RS-232. The parameter readings are also stored in Excel file as well as EEPROM for further analysis. Virtual Instruments like LabView, can decrease development time to a great extent, can be integrated to physical world very easily and is very user friendly.
Keywords: Data Acquisition System (DAS), virtual instruments, labview, EEPROM


Data Acquisition System (DAS), Virtual Instruments, LabView, EEPROM

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