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Cold Light Source for Endoscopy using AVR Microcontroller

Dipesh Shah, Mayur B. Mangaroliya, Ankit M. Patel


An endoscopy involves the procedure of examining internal organs of the human body using endoscope. Presently, during endoscopy halogentype or xenon type light sources are used. The main drawback of these sources is the heat dissipated by them effects the sensor data. Due to high temperature in the surrounding environment, the video tube or optical fiber used to transfer data may be damaged. Moreover if the lamp turns off during operation, one cannot change it immediately because of its high temperature.Thus the redundancy of the system is less. In order to overcome these limitations the halogen and the xenon light are replace by LED which is a cold light source. Since the LED is operated on DC source, the driver circuit would replace the bulky transformers used to operate halogen/xenon lamps. This reduces the weightand cost of the equipment. LED has longer life and it provides the better efficiency compared to the former devices. It also eliminates the use of cooling fan which is used for heat sinking purpose. In the proposed instrument, intensity of LED light and its life will be displayed with the use of micro controller.

Keywords: Drive circuit , LED light , light focusing , optical principle , temperature control & light control using AVR micro controller , data logger

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