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Modeling and Design of State Feedback with Integral Controller for TRMS (Twin-Rotor MIMO System)

Dipesh H. Shah


This paper presents the modeling and design of state feedback with integral controller on twin-rotor MIMO system. In this, two SISO systems are considered (i) main rotor and (ii) tail rotor. Main Rotor is used to control the pitch axis and the tail Rotor is used to control the yaw axis. By using the state feedback, both the axis are controlled as desired. The main aim of this paper is to compare the control performance between state feedback and PID controller that is designed with relay-feedback method. The entire work has been carried out in MATLAB environment and the performance is compared in terms of settling time, peak overshoot, offset and overall performance. The regulatory response of the system is also presented.


Relay feedback, twin rotor, TRMS system, PID controller, state feedback with integral

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